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I questioned Twitter’s decision to block services that allowed users, like myself to create a archive of my tweets. Why would I even want that? I like having the access to the things that I put online. Creating my own archive gives me a sense of control, and having the ability to reference a tweet from months back was kind of nice. However weeks back Twitter became more harsh on developers using their APIs, which saw a lot of twitter services and apps shutting down. The one that affected me was the shutting down of Twitter services for IFTTT. IFTTT is a service that allows you to create rules, so if this happens then thiswill occur. I used it to backup all of my tweets in a Spreadsheet. A quick and painless archive of my random Twitter musings. But once Twitter shut down their APIs, my Twitter history was incomplete. However, for now, a small number of users are able to download their complete Twitter history.

I like the idea of being able to download a history of my tweets. But in my opinion the people who are going to be interested in this functionality of having a Twitter history are going to be power users. Power users who want an active history of their tweets. Not just a downloadable sheet or form, but a document that consistantly stays updated. Its a good start, Twitter, but what’s the next step in Twitter evolution?

[] Martin Bryant, The Next Web, Twitter has started rolling out the option to download all your tweets
[] Aaron Souppouris, The Verge, ‘Your Twitter Archive’ lets you download every tweet you’ve ever written, currently in small-scale testing (update)


When I heard about the new blogging platform, Medium, I was pretty excited. When I heard it was from the co-founders of Twitter, I signed up immediately. I love to write and I love the idea of writing. The idea of writing? Yes. Medium is more than just another Blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress clone. In Silicon Valley talk its like Pinterest for writing. Not only do people write about particular topics but they are good at their craft so the posts are a joy to read. What appeals to me is that people are there for the writing, unlike a site like Tumblr or Pinterest or Instagram where you just want to see pretty things. Is something like Medium going to sway me away from having a personal blog? No. I believe there is still a space in the market and in people’s news feeds for personal blogs. Manufactured sites like where people plug their information into are nice, and work well for a lot of people. But there will always be the explorers and entrepreneurs who want their own space on the web, where they control what’s on the masthead. > Adrianne Jeffries, The Verge :: Blogging with Medium, The odd new product from Twitters founders

At present, the promoted tweets and trends are only seen when you access the search pages within the app. Twitter have said though that initially only a small number of users will begin to see these tweets appear on their timeline from brands they follow.{1}

Apparently not only will the Android Twitter app have ads, but the iOS version as well. We had to know that ads in the Twitter stream were coming. Hopefully this doesn’t effect third-party Twitter clients such as Tweetbot for iOS or Seesmic for Android.

I don’t like the idea of being advertised to. Ben Brooks{2} thinks the sponsored tweets in the timeline is a necessary idea.

By injecting ads (I mean promoted tweets) into the timelines of their mobile apps, the company is (presumably) making money. When other third-party apps do not show those ads in the timeline, those apps are effectively reducing the eyeballs that see the ads, which in turn is devaluing the ad. Therefore, in order for Twitter to maximize revenue from the ads (oh, promoted tweets) that it interjects, all Twitter clients must show them.{3}

I understand what Brooks is saying, however, Twitter should offer a paid version of their apps or service. Think of it this way. When you watch network TV, during the shows there are commercials which help pay the bills. But not HBO. When you’re watching a show on HBO there are no commercials because it is a premium service. If I don’t want to be advertised to, I should be able to pay for an app so I don’t see advertisements.

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{2} – Ben Brooks is the writer of The Brooks Review
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Pinterest used to be an incredible source for finding new, cool sites that you’d never heard of.
But now, with so many users, all anyone does is re-pin each other rather than pinning new material from around the web.

This is another case of early adopters not liking the growth of a particular site/social network. The same thing happened with Twitter and Facebook…

SAI – Pintrest Already Isn’t Cool Anymore

Let me preface this by saying that I love twitter. Its a time waster, stress reliever, news stream, etc. However when I see trending topics like in the image up it really irks me. It is true that there are more African Americans on twitter than a true representation of African Americans in society, but this makes it even worse. When topics like “thingsthatblackpeopledo”, it just perpetuates all negative stereotypes of black people. Honestly, I don’t like seeing any type of racial topic on twitter. Full disclosure, I find some of the responses humorous…but just like when comedians tell race related jokes its a laugh, but its a cheap laugh. So to all those who actively and frequently participate in the cheap laughs of race related trending topics: #CmonSon. #WeGottaDoBetter

This weekend I spent a lot of time going through my Google Reader and actually was reading the posts within them. It’s sad because I follow so many different sites that update so frequently I don’t have time to read from all the sites I’d like to. So when I do have the time to sit & read my Google Reader feeds I find a lot of hidden gems. One of the folders in Google Reader I was trying to finish reading before Monday morning was my “Life Tips” folder which has sites like zen habits & lifehacker. If you’re not familiar with those sites, zen habits & lifehacker deal a lot with simplifying life and maximizing potential.

By now you’re wondering what does any of this mean to the rest of this post. Well after reading about decluttering and minimizing things, I realize that I have a lot of social network “clutter” that is disrupting me from my main task of writing on this site. I was trying to keep up with e-mails, Facebook, tumblr, foursquare, twitter, my blog, and it was becoming overwhelming. I want to maximize that content and sheer awesomeness of fortyoneacres, and until it reaches that point, I’m not going to be able to keep up with all of that other social networking “clutter”.

What that means is that I may possibly be posting more randomness here. I doubt it’ll be overly intrusive because I really want this blog to focus on the 12in12 and Technology, but I may branch out into some other factions of me. What this doesn’t mean is that I’ll stop using twitter or Facebook. I’ll try to contain those other musings so they’re not over-loading the rest of the content on the site though. Hopefully you’ll stick around with the site as I make efforts to make it more reflective of me, and as I make efforts to declutter my social networks.

You see that video at the top of the post. Yeah that’s the new (so new it’s not even out yet) Sprint Evo. The Sprint Evo is a beast of a phone. If you’ve heard anything about the HTC HD2 (which just was released by T-mobile this last week, running Windows Mobile 6.5, sporting a 1GHz processor, 16gb memory card, 4.3 inch screen, and a 5 megapixel camera) then the Evo is the HD2 cousin. The Evo supports some of the same features but with a few key differences. ¬†Instead of a 5 megapixel camera, it has a 8 megapixel on the back with a front facing 1.3 megapixel. Oh, and instead of running stodgy ¬†Windows Mobile, the Evo runs Android 2.1 (the same as the Nexus One). A-MA-ZING!!!

Cyber Bill of Rights

hmm…so according to this i would be more of a geek than a nerd. => FINALLY: The Difference between Nerd, Dork, and Geek Explained by a Venn Diagram

Put this week in your calendar everyone, because this is the last iPad-less week that America will have to experience. The reviews will be flooding the internets next week, but before you get persuaded to purchase the iPad lets check out some of today’s links. One of the main reasons that i REALLY want the iPad is to read on it… => A Roundup of iPad Pricing

twitter is updating its homepage again?!? To bad I’ll never see it because I NEVER use the twitter site… => Tweaking the Twitter homepage

(*sorry for the short list today, I spent the weekend in DC enjoying the beautiful weather we had)