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When I heard about the new blogging platform, Medium, I was pretty excited. When I heard it was from the co-founders of Twitter, I signed up immediately. I love to write and I love the idea of writing. The idea of writing? Yes. Medium is more than just another Blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress clone. In Silicon Valley talk its like Pinterest for writing. Not only do people write about particular topics but they are good at their craft so the posts are a joy to read. What appeals to me is that people are there for the writing, unlike a site like Tumblr or Pinterest or Instagram where you just want to see pretty things. Is something like Medium going to sway me away from having a personal blog? No. I believe there is still a space in the market and in people’s news feeds for personal blogs. Manufactured sites like where people plug their information into are nice, and work well for a lot of people. But there will always be the explorers and entrepreneurs who want their own space on the web, where they control what’s on the masthead. > Adrianne Jeffries, The Verge :: Blogging with Medium, The odd new product from Twitters founders


Pinterest used to be an incredible source for finding new, cool sites that you’d never heard of.
But now, with so many users, all anyone does is re-pin each other rather than pinning new material from around the web.

This is another case of early adopters not liking the growth of a particular site/social network. The same thing happened with Twitter and Facebook…

SAI – Pintrest Already Isn’t Cool Anymore

Over the past 2 months or so I’ve been seriously considering moving my wife from her current phone (BlackBerry Bold) to a newer operating system. I was thinking of getting her an iPhone, but that is going to cost entirely to much. So the next idea was to get her an Android phone. That way she’ll be able to play some of the newer social games like Words/Hanging With Friends and have a better web browsing experience. Then came a stumbling block: Pinterest.

Pinterest is the white hot, fast growing startup. Pinterest is actually the fastest growing stand alone site in history. What does this means for me? My wife needs to be able to access Pinterest on the go. Sure she could use the mobile site, but we are in the Age of Apps. 

While there is a app for the iPhone, there isn’t one for Android. However my wife will have a few options for getting her Pinterest kick on her potential new phone and if you use Android so do you.

Pinterest Android Alternatives | Android Central