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How embrassing is this for Apple that people would rather go out and download a competitor’s mapping application rather than the default Maps app that comes preinstalled? Google doesn’t just hold the top spot on Apple’s Top Free Apps board, but it also holds the #4 spot with its YouTube app.

Google has released a native maps app for the iPhone and it’s fast, full-featured, and quite frankly the best-looking mobile maps experience on the market today. After months of problems and a formal apology in the wake of Apple’s own Maps app on iOS 6, many have been waiting for Google to offer a solution that could serve as a viable replacement. If the brief demo we saw earlier this week is any indication, Google has delivered.

-Dieter Bohn, The Verge

Google is developing its own ecosystem that lives within iOS. It is amazing to slowly see this happen. Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Google Search all work with and within each other making it seamless to jump from app to app with touching the iOS homescreen or going to a default Apple app, and I’m sure that Google Maps will be in the same vein. #Bravo

• Phil Nickinson, Android Central, Google Has Top Free iOS App
• Dieter Bohn, The Verge, Google Maps for iPhone is here: how data and design beat Apple


Google is updating their Google+ page…hopefully this will streamline it & improve loading times.

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{1} – Google Overhauls Design of Google+

“Google has built a really cool house with a pool, theatre room, foosball, open floor plan, and a bar…too bad they can’t get anyone to come over”

That’s what I think about when I think of Google+, an awesome house that nobody visits. Here are some stats on Google+:

According to data from research firm comScore, Google+ visitors spent an average of three minutes per month on the site between September 2011 and January 2012. However, visitors to Facebook spent six to seven hours each month using the much larger social network.{1}

If you think that sounds bad, it gets worse…

on average from July 2011 to January 2012, Google+ visitors went to the site less than three times a month and spent about three and a half minutes there each time. Facebook visitors, on the other hand, ended up visiting Facebook about 21 times each month, spending almost 20 minutes each time they visited. This works out to a little over 10 minutes spent on Google+ compared to about 7 hours spent on Facebook.{1}

Google+’s layout is awesome. The features there are top notch. Hangouts is an amazing product that even works well on mobile devices. But all that hard works goes to the wayside if no one uses it.

When people think about parties from high school, they don’t talk about that small gathering of 4 people were they got a high score wii bowling. They talk about the one awesome party where there was randomly a goat in a hot tub. Right now, Facebook is that party.

Google had a few missteps into the world of social networking, but it’s not their fault because geeks usually don’t know how to throw a party. The way to throw a successful/epic/movie worthy blowout is not by only inviting your geeky friends and the guys from Games Workshop. No, it’s by inviting the hot girls and the popular kids. The popular kids are going to invite their friends. People want to be around attractive people. People want to be around the popular kids. They want to be at the awesome party. They don’t want to miss out.

The summer is coming, Google. Unfortunately if you can’t have an awesome house party by the end of the summer, then I think it’s time to move to a smaller house.

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{1} – Nathan Ingraham, “Data Shows Google+ Users Aren’t Yet Engaged” (28 February 2012)


The most popular Linux operating system is going to make its way to Android phones. At first I considered this a waste of time, but then I read the press announcement:

The phone experience is pure Android [1]– it’s a normal Android phone. When the device is connected to a computer screen, however, it launches a full Ubuntu desktop on the computer display. It’s exactly the same desktop used by millions of enterprise and home users on their Ubuntu PCs, and includes hundreds of certified applications, from office productivity to photography, video and music.

All data and services are shared between the Ubuntu and Android environments, which run simultaneously on the device. So Android applications such as contacts, telephony and SMS/MMS messaging are accessible from the Ubuntu interface. Indeed, all data on the smartphone can be accessed at any time, docked or not.

That description is pretty cool, but it’s not the first time a company has tried to blur the lines between your phone and your computer. Motorola tried to bring this concept to customers with the Motorola Atrix[2].

I really liked and wanted the Atrix. It had the potential to eliminate my need for a laptop. The concept of the Motorola Atrix was it was a phone that would dock in a specialized laptop, which was nothing more than a monitor, keyboard, and battery; and your phone would act as the CPU as a custom Linux based operating system would run. It wasn’t a full operating system, but it ran a full version of Firefox and could essentially eliminate the need for a netbook. However the Atrix didn’t sell well in the consumer market and I truly believe its downfall was the price. For the price of the Atrix and its laptop dock you could easily get a mid range laptop, the price versus the functionality didn’t make sense.

Skip forward to today and things are a little different. Google is acquiring Motorola and can capitalize on what Ubuntu is doing, as well as reengineer what Motorola did with the Atrix. Google grab a pen because here’s the plan:

  • On all Google/Motorola devices build in the Chrome OS that launches when docked in specialized accessories
  • Build specialized accessories such as laptop docks and computer stands to dock devices

Why Chrome OS instead of Ubuntu or the custom Linux OS that Motorola developed? Ubuntu is for nerds and nobody used the Motorola Linux OS. Google you want to focus on the end user and you want to make things simple. People know Chrome. People like Chrome. Capitalize on the things that are going right for you, and Chrome is one of those things.

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– BGR: Ubuntu Coming Soon To Multi-Core Android Devices
[1] This comment was somewhat misleading because hardly any of the devices in the market today are “pure Android”
[2] Here’s a commercial for the Motorola Atrix: YouTube – Motorola Atrix TV ad

I disagree.

Almost three months after launch, Google is warning record labels that Google Music is not meeting expectations
– Greg Sandoval (CNET)

Google Music is probably not doing as well as planned, but I wouldn’t contribute that to a flawed product.  I would blame customer awareness. I talk to people about cells phones everyday, and I am sometimes surprised with things that don’t know about their personal devices. Google Music isn’t advertised as it should be. People don’t know that they can upload their music to the cloud, nor do they realize that they can download tracks and entire albums from the market. Apple did an amazing job of people knowing how to use their products, and having those people believe that Apple was the only way to get things done. Google has an uphill battle of changing the thought process of consumers they want to begin using their products. Knowing is half the battle, and Google isn’t doing an effective job of getting the knowledge out there. 

SAI – No Surprise: Google Music is a Flop

Here are some responses to the video right after it aired:

  • Google is real slick pushing that privacy invasion on y’all
  • That coult be deadly Google+ lol
  • Google+ commercial was marketing at it’s best. Sell a product with a side product its competition doesn’t have…with baby pictures. Genius

How is what Google doing within in Google+, a feature called Instant Upload, so different than what is being done by Apple with iCloud? I didn’t hear any negative remarks when Apple released iCloud, people were perfectly fine with Apple uploading their pictures to all of their Apple devices. However when Google uploads your pictures to a private folder in the cloud, people call “foul”. Instant Upload is a great feature that has personally helped me out.
My SD card crashed in my phone, and yes I know I should have backed them up but I never thought about it. Thankfully every time I charge my phone, new pictures are uploaded to my Instant Uploads folder in my Google+ profile. I didn’t miss a beat. If you are worried about the data limits forced by carriers than have Instant Upload only upload pictures over Wi-Fi. If you’re even more concerned about Google uploading pictures, than you are well within your rights to turn off that feature…just don’t cry if what happens to the guy in the video happens to you.

Post Script: The newest Google+ ad is actually based on a true story from a Google employee. [link]

Last year I made some tech predictions…and I forgot to post them. I promised myself I wouldn’t do the same thing again.
My predictions for 2011 were pretty spot on, but I think time was the true judge of my predictions. The following predictions were originally written on 01/03/11:

  • Google TV and Chrome OS will merge
  • iPhone on Verizon in the summer
  • net neutrality will become a headline issue
  • there will be the rise of a new social network
  • iTunes will release a streaming media service
  • NFC (near field communications) will become more previlant in everyday use
  • RIM’s market share will continue to dwindle…
  • more people will attempt to cut cable’s cord, & tv companies will start making deals to stream content
  • cars will become much more fuel efficient as gas prices continue to rise, the rise of electric cars
  • facebook will CONTINUE to grow

So here are my predictions for 2012:

  • T-Mobile FINALLY get the iPhone
  • Netflix goes under
  • Android market share begins to decline
  • Google & Motorola develop Nexus series of devices to put vanilla versions on phones
  • Nintendo begins bringing titles to iOS

What do you think about about these tech predictions? Do you have anything that you believe is going to happen this year?

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