Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the year 2013 thus far. We have survived a fiscal cliff, some teams won some playoff games…mine did not. But you didn’t come here to read about my sport’s team, you came here to read about some tech. So I like to make technology predictions every year. Some years I do better than others. Let’s take a look at my 2012 predictions.

  • T-Mobile FINALLY get the iPhone
  • Well T-mobile and Apple did come to an agreement to sell Apple products. Although the devices won’t be sold until 2013, the deal was signed in 2012…

  • Netflix goes under
  • Yeah…I was WAY off on this one.

  • Android market share begins to decline
  • This also did not happen.

  • Google & Motorola develop Nexus series of devices to put vanilla versions on phones
  • The rumors of Google and Motorola building an X Phone, unfortunatley it’s just a rumor as of right now. But I’m hoping that this becomes true this year.

  • Nintendo begins bringing titles to iOS
  • I don’t know why this isn’t happening. Read my blog, Nintendo!!!

So those were my technology predictions for the year 2012. Here are some of my predictions for 2013:

  • There will be a shakeup in the way that people watch TV, leading to more people cutting cable
  • We will hear something big from a company that we don’t know about yet
  • Microsoft will make a bigger push in the living room
  • Wearable technology will be even a bigger product category, Nike will make a bigger push for this
  • RIM will make its return with BlackBerry 10 (Q1) and be mildly successful in Q3
  • MySpace will make somewhat of a comeback as an alternative to Facebook
  • Google will do something exciting with Google TV and Google Fiber and their hardware arm, Motorola
  • The next iPhone will have NFC, which will cause a huge increase in the amount of NFC enabled tags and NFC payment systems

In the upcoming weeks I will go deeper into my tech predictions. But until then, I am finalizing my #12in12, reading CES news, and getting ready for a trip to California for a wedding and a small vacation. So until time: mahalla.