Who still reads newspaper?  Like seriously **reads** a newspaper? A newspaper is clunky tool for trying to absorb information. Tablets and smartphones, even Kindles are windows into the modern world in which news is currently happening, giving you unprecedented instant access.  Newspapers as a form are antiquated, much like scrolls and papyrus. Newspapers are looking to hold on to revenue by paywalls.  However the problem with paywalls is the incredible amount of other sources of the same information available elsewhere for free.  This isn’t to say that the writers at newspapers like the Washington Post aren’t talented, it’s just to say that to bring in new readers there needs to be something more creative there that can’t be replicated else where.


> Neha Prakash, Mashable :: <a href=”http://mashable.com/2012/12/06/wapo-daily-beast-paywall/”>Daily Beast, ‘Washington Post’ Consider Paywalls</a>