Our phones have gotten smarter, why haven’t our watches? A few guys have taken that question and answered it with the Pebble watch. While previous smartwatches have been available before none of them have had the simple beauty of Pebble with its e-paper display (the same that’s found on Kindles). Also the watch faces are only apps so they are easy to change with your mood. As long as you’re using an Android or iOS device then this watch is capable of linking up with your phone. Check out the video below{2} to learn more.

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{1} – Kickstarter, “Pebble E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android
{2} – Vimeo Video on Pebble Watch, “Kickstarter Video about Pebble Watch
{3} – Now I just need a Kickstarter project to fund me so I can fund other projects…