At present, the promoted tweets and trends are only seen when you access the search pages within the app. Twitter have said though that initially only a small number of users will begin to see these tweets appear on their timeline from brands they follow.{1}

Apparently not only will the Android Twitter app have ads, but the iOS version as well. We had to know that ads in the Twitter stream were coming. Hopefully this doesn’t effect third-party Twitter clients such as Tweetbot for iOS or Seesmic for Android.

I don’t like the idea of being advertised to. Ben Brooks{2} thinks the sponsored tweets in the timeline is a necessary idea.

By injecting ads (I mean promoted tweets) into the timelines of their mobile apps, the company is (presumably) making money. When other third-party apps do not show those ads in the timeline, those apps are effectively reducing the eyeballs that see the ads, which in turn is devaluing the ad. Therefore, in order for Twitter to maximize revenue from the ads (oh, promoted tweets) that it interjects, all Twitter clients must show them.{3}

I understand what Brooks is saying, however, Twitter should offer a paid version of their apps or service. Think of it this way. When you watch network TV, during the shows there are commercials which help pay the bills. But not HBO. When you’re watching a show on HBO there are no commercials because it is a premium service. If I don’t want to be advertised to, I should be able to pay for an app so I don’t see advertisements.

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{1} – Richard Devine, “Twitter to Start Pushing Promoted Tweets in Main Timeline on Official Android app (28 February 2012)
{2} – Ben Brooks is the writer of The Brooks Review
{3} – Ben Brooks, “Promoted Tweets in Twitter for iPhone” (29 February 2012)