I disagree.

Almost three months after launch, Google is warning record labels that Google Music is not meeting expectations
– Greg Sandoval (CNET)

Google Music is probably not doing as well as planned, but I wouldn’t contribute that to a flawed product.  I would blame customer awareness. I talk to people about cells phones everyday, and I am sometimes surprised with things that don’t know about their personal devices. Google Music isn’t advertised as it should be. People don’t know that they can upload their music to the cloud, nor do they realize that they can download tracks and entire albums from the market. Apple did an amazing job of people knowing how to use their products, and having those people believe that Apple was the only way to get things done. Google has an uphill battle of changing the thought process of consumers they want to begin using their products. Knowing is half the battle, and Google isn’t doing an effective job of getting the knowledge out there. 

SAI – No Surprise: Google Music is a Flop