Over the past 2 months or so I’ve been seriously considering moving my wife from her current phone (BlackBerry Bold) to a newer operating system. I was thinking of getting her an iPhone, but that is going to cost entirely to much. So the next idea was to get her an Android phone. That way she’ll be able to play some of the newer social games like Words/Hanging With Friends and have a better web browsing experience. Then came a stumbling block: Pinterest.

Pinterest is the white hot, fast growing startup. Pinterest is actually the fastest growing stand alone site in history. What does this means for me? My wife needs to be able to access Pinterest on the go. Sure she could use the mobile site, but we are in the Age of Apps. 

While there is a app for the iPhone, there isn’t one for Android. However my wife will have a few options for getting her Pinterest kick on her potential new phone and if you use Android so do you.

Pinterest Android Alternatives | Android Central