Here are some responses to the video right after it aired:

  • Google is real slick pushing that privacy invasion on y’all
  • That coult be deadly Google+ lol
  • Google+ commercial was marketing at it’s best. Sell a product with a side product its competition doesn’t have…with baby pictures. Genius

How is what Google doing within in Google+, a feature called Instant Upload, so different than what is being done by Apple with iCloud? I didn’t hear any negative remarks when Apple released iCloud, people were perfectly fine with Apple uploading their pictures to all of their Apple devices. However when Google uploads your pictures to a private folder in the cloud, people call “foul”. Instant Upload is a great feature that has personally helped me out.
My SD card crashed in my phone, and yes I know I should have backed them up but I never thought about it. Thankfully every time I charge my phone, new pictures are uploaded to my Instant Uploads folder in my Google+ profile. I didn’t miss a beat. If you are worried about the data limits forced by carriers than have Instant Upload only upload pictures over Wi-Fi. If you’re even more concerned about Google uploading pictures, than you are well within your rights to turn off that feature…just don’t cry if what happens to the guy in the video happens to you.

Post Script: The newest Google+ ad is actually based on a true story from a Google employee. [link]