Last year I made some tech predictions…and I forgot to post them. I promised myself I wouldn’t do the same thing again.
My predictions for 2011 were pretty spot on, but I think time was the true judge of my predictions. The following predictions were originally written on 01/03/11:

  • Google TV and Chrome OS will merge
  • iPhone on Verizon in the summer
  • net neutrality will become a headline issue
  • there will be the rise of a new social network
  • iTunes will release a streaming media service
  • NFC (near field communications) will become more previlant in everyday use
  • RIM’s market share will continue to dwindle…
  • more people will attempt to cut cable’s cord, & tv companies will start making deals to stream content
  • cars will become much more fuel efficient as gas prices continue to rise, the rise of electric cars
  • facebook will CONTINUE to grow

So here are my predictions for 2012:

  • T-Mobile FINALLY get the iPhone
  • Netflix goes under
  • Android market share begins to decline
  • Google & Motorola develop Nexus series of devices to put vanilla versions on phones
  • Nintendo begins bringing titles to iOS

What do you think about about these tech predictions? Do you have anything that you believe is going to happen this year?

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