“…how do you not allow technology to replace the most precious human moment – face to face contact?”

Google+ Hangouts

I started reading a new book, “The Leadership Challenge” and I stumbled upon the above quote. I started thinking about all the different ways I use technology. Twitter, e-mail, Facebook, reading news, posting blogs; and for the most part it is all text based. I will write a Facebook status, a person will read it, and if they agree with the contents of it will either write a reply or click a button that states you “like” it. That is all well and good but there is a personal connection that is missing.

Enter Google+, which if you didn’t know or haven’t seen the commercials, is Google’s vision of a social network. There are a lot of similarities between Google+ & Facebook. Status updates, sharing pictures, messenger apps for mobile devices are some similarities between both networks. However, Google+ adds something that isn’t found on Facebook, or any other social network: Google+ Hangouts. Google+ Hangouts brings the social to the network.

Here’s an example of the precious human moment that I referred to in the original quote: I was using Google+ Messenger to instant message my friend that moved to New York. I decided that I wanted to see what he was doing literally. I pressed one button in the app on my phone and I was able to have a face to face convo with my friend. Similar to what’s happening in this Verizon ad for the Galaxy Nexus.

I’m glad Google is advertising this amazing aspect of Google+. Hangouts is so native and simple and isn’t found in such simplicity anywhere else on the web. Nothing may beat meeting up with a friend or a loved one in a coffee shop, but having a cross platform social network solution where face to face conversations can easily occur is a close second.

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