Word on the web is that Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Blockbuster, and Hulu are all nervous about a new deal that Facebook struck with Warner Bros about renting movies. I’ve become very accustomed to the Netflix model and I very much enjoy being able to stream movies to my tv (through my Xbox) to my tv. I do not want to sit on the computer on Facebook and attempt to watch a movie.

¿Will Facebook pause chats while I’m watching my movie?

¿Will Facebook maximize the viewing window for the movie? Or will it be a hover over like Facebook has started doing with its pictures?

Now the deal states that if you rent a movie you can watch the movie on that movie’s Facebook fan page. Almost all of my social interacts have already been taken over by Facebook, I don’t want my media interactions to be the same way. It will be sad day when I have to have various subscription services to enjoy movies, and I can see the .market headed in that direction. Hopefully this idea will be a flop and studios will allow their movies to be in various arenas at the sametime. Much like the way they deliver their movies to various movie theatres and I don’t have to only see Warner Bros movies in Muvico theaters and Pixar movies at Sony theatres. Consumers want simplicity. I understand that products need to differentiate, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of the consumer’s ease of use for your product.