Welcome to 2011!


I can not believe that we’re in the year 2011. It seemed soo far away when I was a kid. Just growing up in the 80s and 90s and cartoons that took place in the year 2005 seemed so far into the future. Now we’ve come to that future year and surpassed it. Craziness.

Well here we are at the start of a new year, and with a new year comes a set of goals. Every year people make resolutions for things they want to accomplish. Over 53% of people break their resolutions within the first month of making them. (So how many reading have already broken their resolutions?) That’s why I got away from setting general resolutions like “stop being late” and “work out more” and decided to create a list of measurable goals. If you’ve been following me, then you know that I create a new list of goals every year. Before I state my list of goals for this year…let’s do a re-cap of my goals for 2010:

  • Learn a magic trick
  • Start & Finish at least 12 books
  • Create a workout regiment (that I’ll actually follow)
  • Write at least 3 posts a month
  • Do what I say (If I say I;m going to do something for someone, then I’m actually going to do it)
  • re-build a relationship with my Dad
  • Have a quarterly Guy’s Night
  • Take my wife to either a museum or a zoo
  • Learn how to play Texas Hold ‘Em (or another form of Poker)
  • Begin the house hunting process
  • Get a promotion
  • Pay off at least 2 credit cards

Now, that was last year…and although I did not complete every item on that list, I did give it a noble try. Some things on that list I not only completed but went above and beyond (start and finish 12 books, get a promotion) while others I didn’t even start (learn a magic trick, create a workout regiment). This year I wanted to do something more manageable yet something that challenges me. So without further ado here is my 12in12 for 2011.

  • Start & Finish at least 24 books/read more
  • Have a quarterly Guy’s night
  • Create a YouTube channel or web site with bi-weekly podcasts on technology
  • Spend at least 4 hours a week developing my talents as a logo designer
  • Get a promotion
  • Re-build www.fortyoneacres.com using modern web standards based on templates
  • Plan romantic outings with my wife
  • Stick to financial budget
  • Spend at least 90 minutes a day without being tied to the internet (no smartphone)
  • Stay in contact with close friends and family through email and phone calls regularly 
  • Learn to play poker
  • Volunteer my time to an organization outside of my church

I’m excited about the opportunities of this year. I looking forward to completing these goals, and building some awesome things.


Post Script: I know I’m late on posting my yearly goals as most people had theirs posted within the first week of the year. However it’s not always about when you get something out, but how dedicated you are when it actually is out. (ask Verizon and Apple).