Welcome to another chilly morning of your favorite tech news. I think today’s post of news might be a little one sided because of some Google news.


[ Google Nexus S Preview ] [ Google Nexus S Appears on Google.com ]

 – it’s REAL!!! The Google Nexus S, the phone that I’ve been posting about for months has now come to real life. Not only has Google announced the Nexus S, but Engadget has a small hands-on. Yes, I’m excited for it…but I will probably not be getting it, because it’s going to be a Best Buy exclusive. Which I think is a stupid idea…but oh well.


[ Google Opens a Bookstore ]

 – “Buy Anywhere, read anywhere”…as long as you have a browser.Yes Google finally has a bookstore with over 3 million titles and 4,000 publishers. I actually think that’s already more than the iBooks bookstore. Google’s is focused on selling books and not creating ebook content wars with different devices. Google is however developing apps for the bookstore for Android (of course), browsers, iPhone and iPod (Google is trying to get approved), and the Nook and Sony e-readers. It doesn’t surprise me that the Nook can read Google books, since the Nook runs on Android. Noticeably the Kindle is missing, but that’s only because the Kindle has rights management on their books while Google’s are open. All in all, Google eBooks is a nice jump into the book market and there is no reason that more book stores are going to be a problem.


[ RIM’s hopes 2011 is better than 2010

 – Let’s hope this is true, because their 2010 was lacking. In 2010, while carriers were advancing their wireless networks with HSPA+, LTE, and WiMax; BlackBerry hasn’t even been in the running. Let’s hope that RIM can get it’s act together. The video from a Rogers TabLife shows some of the awesome possibilities of the PlayBook. Let’s hope that RIM can expand on the possibilities of the PlayBook and take it to the BlackBerry. Make it so, RIM.