Good morning and welcome to December. Long time since we last talked tech…so let’s get right into it.


 [ Facebook Updates Profile Pages ]

 – Facebook is creating a slight change to it’s profile pages to make the pictures stand out more. I can understand that because a picture is worth a 1,000 words…and you know you have thousands of words to say when starring at pics of people from high school.


[ Twitter Goes After ]

 – I can understand why Twitter would want to have the domain, they might be able to use it in it’s business model. I’m sure Facebook owns, But what is interesting to me is the fact that Twitter doesn’t have the trademark to the word “tweet”, while Facebook has “face”. What sense does that make?!?


[ Apple is #13 ]

 – Well Apple TV is #13 on Amazon’s best selling electronics. Where is Google TV (the Logitech Revue)? Well that’s #430. Which is a shame because Google TV has a lot of potential. A lot more than Apple TV in my opinion, but Google needs to step up and broker some deals so not all the content is blocked anymore.


[ ESPN States Only .28% of People Cut The Cable ]

 – I’m not going to disrespect the journalism of ESPN. But I agree with what ESPN found, because sporting audiences are not going to be the people to cut the cord. Sports are very difficult to watch smoothly online. But if TV networks aren’t going to worry because of an ESPN survey, then that’s fine by me. I’m still planning to do it.


^Even though they beat the Cavs the other day…I still feel this way. (& LOL @ Bosh)