Good morning…it’s one day before Thanksgiving (in case you didn’t know. I think today is hailed as the largest drinking day of the year…). So before you get sauced and visit your family…let’s get through a few tech stories to talk about while drinking tonight.


 – The Patent Office agrees to let Facebook trademark the word “Face”. Facebook, of course, needs to pa the fee for the trademark…but I’m pretty sure that will happen. The Patent Office is so lame for letting this happen. I mean seriously…the word “face”? #Cmon!


 – Apple is hiring former people at RIM, and more specifically former RIM employees who worked Enterprise Sales. It looks as though Apple is getting ready to make a push to get in the pockets of more suits. Watch out RIM.


 –  If you’re a Kik user on BlackBerry then you might have noticed that your service has stopped working. Here’s RIM’s reason to why (hint: they don’t like Kik anymore…)


 – In Germany, Google gave house owners the option of blurring out their home so it doesn’t appear on Google Maps. Apparently some German Google lovers did not take to kindly to that and egged the blurried houses. Google’s motto may be “Don’t Be Evil”…but that doesn’t apply to it’s customers…



^ This is a shout-out to all the people taking today to prepare and get ready to cook tomorrow. You’re awesome!!! ^