Samsung Sold 600,000 Tabs…but there’s no Newspaper


Its Thanksgiving Week!!!…which also means it’s Black Friday Week…which also means the holiday shopping experience is upon us. #Fact: I don’t really like shopping. #DoubleFact: I REALLY don’t like shopping when I can’t find a parking spot and the stores are packed. But that’s days are not here yet (although they will be soon), what is here however is some insightful stories about technology…so let’s get to the tech.


 – Netflix changes its pricing structure and introduces a $7.99 streaming only plan. Now the streaming only Netflix is the same price as Hulu Plus, but the price to get DVD rentals has increased.


 – The news on the street is that Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch are working on a iPad only newspaper. Cool, but what would that look like. TechCrunch has some ideas...


 – The New York Times has an article about being young and growing up with technology. The always-connected generation is seeming always-distracted. Ironic?


 – Saw this article at the beginning of the weekend about finding the killer apps on android. After reading this…I have some disagree fragments…but I pretty much agree.


 – Didn’t realize that the Samsung Galaxy Tab has sold more than 600,000 units, maybe this will help to create some killer apps on Android.


^Typical Monday…^