Almost to Friday…only one day away. So I have some tech news including the new Facebook Messaging, improvements to Google’s product search, a keyboard for the iPhone 4(?!?), and LTE for Verizon. Let’s get to the tech. 


 – On Monday, Facebook announced it’s new Messaging feature (which is not e-mail) but will tie in all the different ways people can contact you. A universal inbox if you will. Well Jonathan S. Geller of, got an invite and gives a hands-on review.


 – Google is looking to improve product searches for this holiday season. If I actually shopped for holiday gifts…I’m sure I’d be pretty excited about this.



^If you’ve ever wanted a keyboard on your iPhone 4…here ya go ^


 – Verizon doesn’t have LTE yet, but that’s not stopping them from planning on how to charge customers. The plan Verizon execs are looking to put in place is an interesting one though. Charge customers for the speed of the data, much like their land lines. I can understand and go for that.


I hope you’ve been enjoying Burnt Toast and Tech…don’t worry I’m not going to end it. But I want to expand upon it. I’m looking to add longer feature stories. I’m going to try to have at least one a week. I’m a smart guy with lots to say about technology…and if I want to start my campaign to work for a large technology blog (or Wired…or TWiT) then I have to showcase some more of my skills. So I’m working on some topics, but if you have anything in particular that you’d like me to cover, drop a comment and let me know. Until tomorrow, mahalla.