Good morning and welcome to Hump Day!!! Don’t worry half the week is over and done with and you only have 2 more days to go until the weekend. You can do it. So grab you cup of coffee and let’s cook up some tech.


 – So Hulu Plus, the streaming service that lets you watch tv on your Xbox, iPad, iPhone, PS3, Roku, and other devices, recently dropped it’s price from $9.99 to $7.99…is that going to be enough to grab more customers? I suggest that they get rid of some ads and add more content to the paid service…usually giving people more when they pay for stuff helps.


 – I’m very much into ways that I can cut cable out of my life. Here’s another set-top box, the Boxee Box reviewed by Engadget. In short, the review states they want to like it…but like Google TV it’s still not there yet.

^ A Browser Fight Between the iPad vs the BlackBerry PlayBook…this is awesomely cool ^


 – As stated yesterday, people can finally get the Beatles on iTunes. Apparently a lot of people already have because every Beatles album (including the Box Set) is in the iTunes Top 50.