Happy Monday and welcome back to another week in tech. Hopefully everyone had an exciting weekend. I’m still having my weekend. I’ll actually be headed to the Redskins vs. Eagles game tonight. It’s a tradition for my wife and I, so I’m stoked. I also got the invites to RockMelt and About.Me so I’m stoked about those as well. But enough jibber jabber lets grab some coffee and get to some tech.


 – In the “No…REALLY?!?” category, Tech Crunch is reporting that “The Phone Call is Dead”. People aren’t really using voice minutes as they used to since more things are able to be done via text or using the internet features of your phone. It’s true I hardly every talk on my phone. I maybe talk to 4 or 5 people and use less than 200 minutes a month (and I don’t have free nights and weekends). My madre asked me the other day when was the last time I talked to one of my best friends. I stated a few hours ago. I should have clairified did she actually mean “talk” or “communicate” becasue to me those words are now interchangeable, and if I sent you a text and you responded, we “talked”.

[ The Phone Call is Dead ]


 – Here’s another story from the “No…REALLY?!?” category, The New York Times is saying that the increase in smartphone sales is hurting the sales of GPS units. When people ask me about which phone they should buy they usually state that having built in GPS is inportant to them. People are wanting devices that can do multiple things. I love using Google Navigation on my android device becasue the maps are always updated and it looks just as nice…if not nicer than the Garmin, I have. Now my wife on the other hand has never used the GPS on her phone…and I doubt she ever will. I can understand that the GPS market, and single purpose device market, is hurting becasue of the rise of smartphone sales, but I believe that they’ll always be sometype of market for them.

[ Smartphone Sales Taking Toll on G.P.S Devices ]


 – iPhone has Netflix. Windows Phone 7 has Netflix, and now Netflix is looking to bring it’s services to Android devices in early 2011. Only problem is it’s only going to be on select devices becasue they are still working out how to lock down the information (DRM and all that jazz). So if you’re a Netflix and Android user be patient becuase Netflix MAY come to your device next year…

[ Netflix on Android ]


 – There operently was a battle yesterday between 4chan and tumblr. …Yeah that’s all I got.

[ 4chan vs. Tumblr ]


^I always wondered what the other half of the battle was…^