We’ve made it to Friday. Good job everyone. The weekend is here, it’s payday for some, and wishing it was payday for others. I’m feeling pretty good today…except that I’m wishing I played the Falcons defense last night. Oh well I hope that won’t lead my team to another L.But enough Fantasy Football talk…there’s some tech news today. So let’s get to the tech…

Facebook is making a “Gmail Killer”? I believe that this is possible but I’m not sure how successful it’ll be. My Facebook inbox for messages is basically overrun with useless Events & invites. If a Facebook mail client is more of the same then it’ll get no play.   [ Facebook is Making a “Gmail Killer” ]

Google, if you’re going to get Google TV out of stores & into the hands of consumers then we (as the consumers) are going to need you to play ball with the tv networks. Having Fox block Google TV before the holiday buying season isn’t a good look.   [ Fox blocks Google TV ]

Microsoft bought Danger, who had developed the super successful Sidekick operating system. Microsoft had Danger work on a new operating system that was supposed to be like the Microsoft version of the Sidekick operating system. The Kin is born. The Kin have a very expensive ad campaign and is released on Verizon. The Kin is on sale for about 6 weeks before Verizon kills it off. End of story, right? Wrong. Apparently, based on a leaked Verizon roadmap the Kin is coming back to life, back to reality.  Is this an old roadmap? Have they updated the Kin? Is Verizon doing away with the required expensive data plans which probably killed the Kin?   [ Confirmed Kin One and Kin Two Returning to Verizon ]

Is an Android Market overhaul on the horizon? I definitely hope so because the Android Market is lacking compared to compeitors, and I’m not just talking about the Apple App Store either. It’s even easier to find apps on Windows Marketplace compared to Google’s Android Market (and Windows Marketpalce has only been out for a week!)   [ Android Overhaul of Market ]

Oh and before I forget…I said I was going to stop talking about the Samsung Nexus 2 until I get some more confirmation on it. Well you no longer have to worry about me talking about it. It’s not real. But the Samsung Nexus S is!!! It’s real. It’s going to have Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and supposedly it’s coming to T-mobile. YES!!!


{ A Thought On…Google }

I remember when Google was the cool, laid-back company. If Google was to be compared to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, it would’ve been Michelangelo. The party dude…always doing wild and crazy things, but well liked. Or maybe Google would’ve been Donatello since they’re so smart. Never-the-less, the times have changed and now Google is acting more like Raphael. Getting into fights with everyone, being all mad all the time. It doesn’t suit you Google…it doesn’t suit you at all. And with those words…have an awesome weekend everyone.