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Now if you stopped by the site yesterday, you may have been shocked to realize that there was no Burnt Toast and Tech yesterday. Well yesterday was an uber busy day for me, with court and I’m having internet issues at my place. But Being the nerd I am, I tethered my BlackBerry to my computer and here I am today. So enough of the talk…let get to the tech.


 – Do you have an unlocked iPhone…but long for the openness of the Android operating system?!? Well the good folks of the hacker community have made it surprisingly easy to put the latest version of Android (Android 2.2 aka Froyo) and put it on your iPhone. (But doesn’t this mean that once you can do this to an iPhone you can do it to an iPad…and have a large screen Android tablet?!?)

[ Install Android 2.2.1 Froyo on iPhone using Bootlace in Cydia ]


 – They have said in the past that the Apple backlash is coming…I truly think this is the case now that there is a “Hulu for Magazines” launching in early 2011 that is only going to be available on Android. Developers and publishers are beginning to grow tired of Apple’s controlling ways. But a magazine store on Android. This will definitley help move some Android tablets.

[ Tablet Magazine Store Launching with Google’s Android and not Apple’s iPad ]


 – I want to work for Google. Especially if they keep giving employees a $1,000 bonus and a 10% raise. PS: Google is paying the taxes on the $1,000 so emplyees get to keep all the money. (I think this pay incentive may help stop the exodus of Google emplyees to Facebook.)

[ Google Gives All Employees $1,000 Bonus and 10% Raise ]


 – Sometimes I hate having to click on a page result in Google to see what’s actually on the page. Well now I won’t have to since Google introduced Instant Previews, which opens up a window/tab on the right side of the screen with the page in it. So you can actually see the page before you click on the link.

[ Google Launches Instant Previews ]


 – And finally in non-Google news, here is a pretty cool article from Wired about how and why Microsoft restarted their mobile phone operating system.

[ How Microsoft Hit Cltr+Alt+Del on Windows Phone ]



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