It’s Tuesday!!! Guess what today is?!? Fantasy Football Press Conference Day!!! But that’s later…right now it’s tech. Windows Phone 7 was released. Samsung has some new devices…and I’m still talking about cutting cable. I don’t have a lot more to say…so on to the tech!


 – Yesterday a new operating system was unleashed upon the world. Windows Phone 7 finally was released to the public. I’ve played around with the operating system and it seems pretty cool. There are a few things that can be worked out (ie: copy and paste, typing in landscape,…). I’m looking forward to this operating system, becasue I believe there is enough choice in the world of mobile phone operating systems.

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 – Samsung sent out fliers for a very imporant event that would debut a new Android handset. I had high hopes that they would announce the Nexus Two, but I knew they would release something different, and of course Samsung released not the Nexus Two but the Samsung Continuum. <sarcasm> Yeah!!! </sarcasm> The Continuum for Verizon is pretty much one of their Galaxy S phones, but with a “ticker” display at the bottom that shows information like incoming texts, incoming calls, and other notifications.

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 – Yesterday I was talking about how there’s so much potential in Google TV and right now it’s somewhat of a disappointment. I also talked about how much I’d love to cut out cable…becasue usually I just watch shows when I feel like watching the shows (thank you DVR). Here’s a guest post from the Houston Chronicle that’s about cutting the cord of cable and going over the top.

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 – Do you like tablets? I know you do. Don’t want the iPad? No of course not. But you have no idea what other tablets are out there. In comes the Samsung Galaxy Tab. (I know something else from Samsung). It may be nothing more than a larger Samsung Galaxy S with a front facing and rear facing camera…and Android 2.2. But I’m really liking it. I’d rather do video conferencing from a tablet than a phone.

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 – One of the things I love about the Android operating system is the fact that you can change things on the operating system. Things like the browser, the default look, icons, even the keyboard. That’s where 8pen comes into play. 8pen is re-imagined input device for mobile phones. I’ve seen the YouTube video about it…and I was left thinking, “hey that’s pretty cool”…but then I tried it. Wow…it definitley takes some time to relearn your keyboard. It’s not for everyone…but it maybe for you.

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