And welcome back to another Monday. Hopefully you’ve all been getting that extra hour of rest and are getting reacquainted with the sun being out this early in the am. I took full advantage of the extra hour…and that’s why the tech breakfast is being served up a tad later than usual. I guess this is more of a Bacon Lettuce & Tech today.

On to the tech…


 – Dell is going to be replacing 25,000 employees BlackBerry devices with Windows Phone 7 devices. How much is that worth? About $1.2 million dollars. Granted Dell is fitting their employees with the Venue Pro, which is the Dell made Windows Phone 7 device, RIM has to feel since it’s brand presence is increasingly shrinking. First the PlayBook, which looks to be an amazing tablet isn’t going to be ready for holiday sales. Then Apple passed them in smartphone market share. Not to mention that the Torch has less than stellar sales (but I’ll blame that on being sold only on one carrier). RIM has the ability to put together an amazing device to stop this brand bleeding…the question is: will they?

[ Dell Ditches RIM for Windows Phone 7 ]


 – A new browser has hit the Interwebs, RockMelt, which is a browser for social networking junkies. Full disclosure…I haven’t tried RockMelt yet…but I plan on downloading it as soon as I finish this post. Now a social networking web browser isn’t a new idea. There have been attempts before such as Flock, which was based on FireFox. Now RockMelt is based on Chrome, which is my browser of choice, so I’m hoping for the best. But from my experience, these social networking browsers are slow…and if it’s slow I might as well just go to the site.

[ First Look at RockMelt


 – In disappointing news, Google TV has had the breaks slammed on it by major TV companies NBC, ABC, CBS…and Hulu. This is hurting consumers who want to start cutting the cord of cable. Google needs to play ball with these companies. But the networks need to realize that the market is changing and the only thing they are encouraging is piracy in which they receive NO MONEY! Get it together!!!

[ Google TV Gets Static


 – In more disappointing news, the unannounced unconfirmed Samsung Nexus Two has been delayed. Maybe I should stop reporting on this until I get some more news about it…but I’m just excited about a pure build of the Android operating system. Believe me when I say that the Nexus One if it were sold in stores could have been a TRUE iPhone competitor. Google squandered that opportunity…and hopefully they’ll have learned their lesson.

[ Samsung ‘Nexus Two’ Still On, Delayed Due to Major Glitch ]



^I couldn’t leave you with all that disappointing news…so here’s something optimistic ^