Yesterday was a big day for me. Well big day for my site at least…it got the largest amount of traffic than any other day combined. Man, now I know how Kik feels. Anyways, I was considering stopping with my daily hit list of topics…but it seems to be well liked, so I’m gonna keep it coming. Also as was seen yesterday, I plan on doing more than just a morning list of topics. I’m going to get back into some thoughtful pieces…tech/social media punditary. But enough of my babling…grab your cup of coffee becasue here’s your Burnt Toast and Tech.


 – A Dish Network VP is saying that Hulu, you know that site that you like to go to watch some of your favorite tv shows, is bad for the TV industry. I think the OUTRAGEOUS price of cable is bad for the TV industry. Here’s the thing that execs like the Dish Network VP need to understand: People want to watch TV. People are willing to pay for TV. However, people want to watch TV when and where it is convient for them. With technology moving at the pace it is, we don’t have to be reliant on a set tv schdule. Once the TV industry realizes that it needs to adapt to the changing times to survive the TV industry will be in a better shape.

[ Dish Exec: Hulu Is Destroying the TV Industry ]


 – And the 4G wars are heating up. T-Mobile recently announced a new ad campaign touting they have the largest 4G network. Sprint has been saying they’ve had the first 4G network. But the International Telecommunication Union says that neither are true and no US carrier has a 4G network. So where’s the truth? (Hint: It’s not in the ad campaigns)…here’s a nice write up about the whole matter from the Boy Genius Report.

[ The 4G Forgery ]


 – On September 8th, Google announced it’s Instant service which automatically delievers search resaults while still being typed. On November 4th, Google announces that this same service is going to be available on iOS and Android. Even though Google Instant for Mobile is still in BETA, this will definitley get some useage on my device.

[ Google Instant Comes to Mobile ]


 – There was a survey given to app developers by Millennial Media that asked the which platform the developers plan to work on in 2011. It’s interesting when compared to the survey from 2010. The headline of the article focuses on the fact that iPad and Windows Phone 7 could possibly get the same type of attention from developers since they both graph at 20%. However what jumps out to be is the fact that Android jumped up from 23% to 29% while the iPhone fell from 30% to 8%. Are developers lashing out at Jobs and his iron fisted control of the iTunes App Store and looking for greener pastures elsewhere? Do developers feel that the iPhone app market is over-saturated? Does this mean that Android users will finally get some amazing games (besides Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Homerun Battle 3D)? Only time will tell…but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

[ Windows Phone 7 to Rival iPad for Developer Attention in 2011 ]



^How Smartphone Users View Themselves…and Their Rivals^



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