Remember the late 90s early 2000s when you’d get home from class and all your friends would be on AIM (or Yahoo…or MSN…or ICQ) and instead of using the house phone to make calls to one friend, you would use the interwebs to chat online with all of your friends. Well those days are beginning to return with a new cross-platform messenger called Kik.

Kik is a cross-platform messenger because it can be used on Android, BlackBerry devices, and iPhones (aka the Big 3 of cell phones). You may wonder why you might want to use Kik as opposed to SMS (texts). Well Kik lets you see when the message is sending (by having an “S” by the message), when the message is deliviered (by showing a “D” by the message), and off course when the message is read (you may have guessed it…by showing an “R” next to the message). That is so much cooler than sending a text and wondering if someone got it…read it…and may possibly be ignoring you. Now you know for sure that they are ignoring you.


#kik growth rate double yesterdays. Sorry for posting these graphs, we just think ppl will want to be part of this

Kik has seen a massive influx of users since it had upgraded it’s platform on October 21. Here are some stats: Oct 21, Kik had 30,000 users. November 2nd, Kik had 450,000 users. Let those numbers sink in for a second…


So your Facebook News Feed and Twitter Feed may be full of people telling you to add them on Kik, but if they’re your friend when you download Kik it trolls some imaginary database of your phones and sends you a long list of users you may know. I say imaginary database because I don’t know where some of these people came from that it suggested. I don’t have their names or number in my phone…but it suggested people and did a pretty accurate job of it. Android and iPhone users have been wanting a BBM like messenger app for your phone, well here it is. BlackBerry users, you’ve wanted your friends to get a BlackBerry so you can add them on BBM…well here’s the next best thing.


Oh and by the way…add me on kik {hint: it’s my twitter name}