– Today is election day…so make sure you get out to vote in your local elections. Every vote counts.What does election day have to do with tech?!? Well social media has some cool tools for Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook that makes voting fun (and you can get badges!!!)

[ Election Badges, Vote by Check-In and Twitter Bubbles – GigaOm


 – SO rumors are starting to circulate that Google will release a Chrome OS netbook in November…wait…isn’t this November?!? Yeah…I’m not to sure about this one…

[ Chrome OS Netbook in November – DigiTimes ]


 – Twitter’s stock trade = $1.6 billion (valuation). New York Times market capitalization = $1.1 billion. Twitter is worth more than the New York Times…

Twitter is Now Worth About As Much As The New York Times – SAI


 – And in possible Christmas gifts, Engadget has reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Tab. To me it’s looking pretty good. A smaller tablet (about the size of a Kindle), that runs Android and allows for video calling…and it’s gonna be sold by the wireless carriers, which you can get it at subsidy.

 [ Samsung Galaxy Tab Review – Engadget


So remember keep you cool today, when things don’t go your way…because you don’t want to end up all frustrated like the person in the video below…