• I hate hearing this kind of stuff…but a 22 year old woman killed her baby for interrupting her Farmville session. I think this less about a Facebook/Farmville addiction story and more of a bad parenting story. 22 Year Old Mother Kills Baby for interrupting Farmville – Do you use Facebook places? You may have used it once or twice…had a friend tag you in a place, and then never thought of it or bothered with it again. Well Facebook and retailers are looking to get you to start checking into places…and tagging your friends there to. Businesses are trying to stimulate business and give deals based on you shopping and checking into stores with your friends on Facebook. Facebook to Launch Local Shopping Deals with Check-Ins – Wow these Nexus Two rumors are getting pretty interesting. Could the possibly forth coming Nexus Two be made by Samsung and not HTC?!? That’s what this report is saying…and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Nexus Two Reportedly A Lot Like The Galaxy S, Only Different – Have you ever bought something that turned out to be worth so much more than you paid for it? Well that’s how Google feels about buying Android for about $50 million…and now bringing the company around $1 billion. Google exec: Android was “best deal ever”