Another late morning from yours truly. I’ll be back on my morning grind. Question anyone going to the rally to restore Sanity (and/or Fear) this weekend?!? I’ll be there. Oh k…that’s all I have…i’m still half-asleep. On to the tech news…


 – There is a hack to get past passcodes on iPhones…and it’s pretty easy to do. Supposedly Apple is supposed to fix this in the next iOS update. ]


 – Continuing the Apple news…could Apple be working on a way to sell iPhones without carrier involvment?!? ]


 – People wanted an iPod that could make phone calls…hence the iPhone was born. People wanted their Xbox gamer tags with them on the go…Windows Mobile 7 is arriving to help them out. Now Sony wants a part of the action with a PlayStation Phone (and supposedly it runs Android). ]


 – Here’s a story I meant to post yesterday: Limewire is dead. First the Walkman, and now Limewire. So here’s my new question: Who still uses Limewire?!? Anyways, Limewire is possibly going to try starting a legal service for getting music…and that worked pretty swell for Napster didn’t it… ]


 – GREAT SCOTT!!! Why is this woman in a Charlie Chaplin video talking on a cell phone?!? Time Travel is here…where’s my Delorean?!? (…and hover board)