Usually Burnt Toast and Tech comes to you earlier in the day…but I slept in this morning so my breakfast tech news is coming a little later than usual. Here’s a few stories to keep your morning rolling…like that second cup of coffee…


Barnes & Noble announce the new full color Nook. Books are always better in color…well except for the fact that the words are in black and white. ]


The Google Nexus One COULD have been one of the best selling GSM Android devices…but people weren’t able to easily get it. With word on the street that a Google Nexus Two is in the works for Christmas, will the search giant correct their mistake of selling it online only? ]


I’ve been really thinking looking at these set-top boxes for trying to cut cable of my life. Veronica Belmont created a community Google spreadsheet to compare all of the different internet boxes. ]


I really want an tablet. I wanted an iPad (and if I receive one I will not be upset or mad)…but there’s just something intriging about laying on the couch and surfing the net on a large screen. Samsung is realizing this and is releasing their Samsung Galaxy Tab on all carriers. Here’s T-mobile’s version that includes their 4G speeds. ]