Welcome back to Monday. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their weekend…if you watch football, I hope your team won. If you play fantasy football: then I hope you won as well. My team however…is on the losing end of the game. So we’ll see what happens at the end of the of tonight’s game. Tune in to tomorrow’s FF Press Conference for the results. Anyways…here’s some tech news to get your morning started off right.


 – Sony finally retires the Walkman. …wait…are you trying to tell me Sony was still making the Walkman?!?

[ http://mashable.com/2010/10/24/sony-walkman-rip/ ]


 – The firestorm from Google’s streetview fiasco is still burning…

http://www.theworldbyphil.com/post/1391199943/http-www-guardian-co-uk-technology-2010-oct-24-google-in ]


 – We know that this nation is in a recession…here’s some tips on how to get a job through YouTube. Yeah Social Media!!! (it worked for Justin Beiber…)

http://mashable.com/2010/10/23/youtube-job/?ref=nf ]



 – This isn’t really a tech story…but I thought that this was pretty good and true.