Oct.7th was my birthday well mine and my wife’s birthday…so clearly since that day we’ve been celebrating. I realize that I’m getting old. I actually had someone tell me on my facebook wall that they’ve known me for 20 years. I’m less than a half decade a way from 30. I also realize that I’m getting old when people no longer have a clue for what to get me. I don’t expect anything for my birthday. If people just tell me happy birthday..maybe give me a happy birthday high 5, then i’m happy. One year for my birthday (I was in middle school) my parents gave me a magazine and some cologne samples…and I was the happiest kid in the world. I don’t expect anything to be given to me. However I do find it funny when people do get me gifts…and the gifts are the same thing. I actually ended up getting starbucks gift cards, barnes & noble gift cards (like I like to read, LOL) and alcohol. I am in no ways complaining though.

I appreciate all of my friends who not only gave me a gift, but thank you to everyone who even wished me a happy birthday. It really is the little things that adds value to people’s lives, and just being told “happy birthday” really means the world to me. So thank you. 



POST SCRIPT: and if you didn’t tell me happy birthday…there’s always next year. LOL

AFTER POST SCRIPT: I know I usually don’t write personal posts…but I decided to try something new (or old depending on how long you’ve been following my writing).