What have I been up to this week…or since my last post? A lot of things actually…if you didn’t know or read my tweets (@fortyoneacres), then I’m working on finishing a certification in web design. Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t major in IT…but we can’t change the past, so I’m working on it now. I’m really excited about this because designing media for the web and technology has always been a love of mine. Lately I’ve been heavily involved in re-learning everything I know and learning new things so this is an exciting time for me. It’s also an exciting time for Princess because her cupcake side business is doing pretty well (I’m working on designing her a site now) and not to mention our 1 year anniversary is coming up, so again more exciting news.

But enough about me…let’s get to some of the tech news of the week.

Pretty tight gadget right here...especially since a lot of newer gadgets are coming to the market keyboad-less. Might make an awesome companion for those who have converted from BlackBerry

– Funny video of an action movie #fail. {College Humor}

– Do you know how awesome this would be if this were the case? Kevin from crackberry.com says the perfect companion to the BlackBerry is the iPad…but I think his tune could change if the BlackPad (I think BlackBoard would be a better name) were running Android.  {DigiTimes: Quanta to make RIM’s BlackPad tablet, runs Android?}

I found this next story interesting because carriers used to tout that they had unlimited data features until AT&T & Verizon decided that they wanted to cap their data features. However this California T-mobile smartphone user has decided to sue his carrier because they throttled his data usage once his data use had reached 10 GB. Now I can understand how this can be upsetting since T-mobile was offering an unlimited plan. Now T-mobile didn’t shut off his internet…just slowed him down. But my question is: What are you doing with your computer to reach 10GB of data use?!? {T-mobile Sued Over Not Unlimited “Unlimited” Data}

– In “Understand What You Download” news, {BBC Creates Malicious Smartphone App}, they embedded a code of spyware inside a game that would gather contact information, copy text messages and log the phone’s current location and then send it to a specific email address. But doing all of this would seriously drain the users battery. It was not said which smartphone the app was built for…but just be careful what you download.

– I’m huge into Twitter, but some of you reading this may not be. This story is for you. {Twitter Introduces Fast Follow Feature} Twitter has rolled out a feature that allows a user to subscribe to twitter streams from your cell phone. If you text “follow <insert user name here>” to 40404, you’ll start recieving that users updates via text message. So before you text “follow fortyoneacres” to 40404 make sure you have an unlimited messaging plan. (I’m sure you could also use it to follow emergency and local news as well…)