• Did you now know that there are more Facebook users than number of tweets per day?
  • Did you know there are now more Facebook users than people in the United States?!?

The stats are in and Facebook has over 500 million users. Facebook is clearly taking over the world…much to the enmity of me. Everyone is on Facebook. Bosses, moms, pastors, ex-s, companies, friends, family, babies…you name them and you can find their Facebook page. Clearly a far departure from their college only walled garden that they had only a few years back. Who is going to combat the Facebook juggernaut? *Cue GoogleMe*

If you don’t know, Google is “supposedly” building its own social network to fight Facebook. Is it a good idea? Yes! Will it work? No idea!

Why is it a good idea?

  • Competition breads innovation: If Facebook doesn’t have a network to seriously compete with (I’m sure we can all agree that myspace doesn’t count as competition), then Facebook can do whatever it wants and customers will have to take it, because there’s no other social network to go to.

Will it work?
That’s the tougher question. I think if anyone can make it work its Google. However not all of the things coming from Google labs as of late has been a success (¿need I remind you of Wave & Buzz?) But I think Google can use the continued success of Android as a way to roll Google Me to all of its users. Towards the end of June, reports were circulating that nearly 160,000 Android devices were being activated per day. If Google can work Google Me into Android, it can leverage users to start building the GoogleMe network without effort. If GoogleMe is strongly optimized for mobile devices it will be a success.

What do you think? Would you use another social network if it was built into your phone and strongly optimized for mobile?