I know I’m not the only BlackBerry user out there that gets a little excited when they get a bbm only to be blown to realize that the text is in purple. All BlackBerry users know that purple bbm text when they see it: a broadcast message. From reading various tweets, Facebook statuses, and ironicly bbm broadcast messages, and people don’t care to receive broadcast messages. Especially when it’s a chain letter. If I don’t like getting chain letters in the mail, then why would I like them on my phone (especially in my bbm). What makes it worse when people send incorrect information (like most chain letters are). Case in point this bbm that I received from quite a few people the other day…

BBM Broadcast Message

Exhibt A

Now I didn’t send out that broadcast message, yet I already had the symbols. There was nothing to install on your phone and Crackberry already wrote an article about this months ago (link).

Further more we have exhibit B which was received while writing this rant:


Exhibit B

If RIM was to deliver a message to it’s customer base…I don’t believe they would send it in the form of a chain letter BBM message. #CmonSon

So please think before sending out a broadcast message. </rant>

Post Script: Please forgive any spelling errors while in rant mode…