When are you finally going to be released?!?

When are you finally going to be released?!?

I was surfing my feeds this morning and I found this interesting post from PocketBerry about the delayed launch of BlackBerry 6. Here’s their post:

We can all just assume that BlackBerry 6 aka OS 6.0 will be arriving well after Apple announced and launches their new iPhone .  Rumors say that the iPhone is supposed to be announced June 7 th – and yes we’re RIM is running out time.  Generally speaking, those who are looking to get a smartphone this month will be paying close attention to this iPhone , but as BlackBerry 6 is not being presented properly to the public now, it keeps concentration on Apple rather than RIM.  The BlackBerry Bold 9800 is also expected to launch this month, which many of us are doubting with the lack of developer tools for OS 6. 0 that have been given out.  Say the “lack of” is a bit bold to throw there as there haven’t been any period til date.  So what’s RIM going to do? Are we close to the release of BlackBerry 6 or shall we wait more? By it being delayed, will more migrate to the iPhone? Drop us a line and let us know what you think.

So that is what inspired the following words from myself…

People are always looking for the latest and greatest…and BlackBerry is beginning to fall out of favor of the fringe customers (customers who want a neat device that can “do it all”). If BlackBerry doesn’t step it up with OS6 and a truly consumer device then they will lose even more ground to Android & Apple. Although RIM states that they aren’t directly in competition with Android devices and the iPhone and more competing with the Nokias of the world, people who are actually using the devices feel otherwise.

RIM step it up! At least put out some tools so developers can begin making apps for devices so when OS6 does finally launch it will have a healthy app market. Don’t Palm Pre the launch of your newest operating system…