January 1st people all over America were busy trying to decide how they were change some habits from last year or trying to create a list of goals to accomplish in the upcoming years. 6 months later and people have forgotten all about their lists and goals. Resolutions are nothing more than memories, like all the snow we had.

Personally, I haven’t forgotten about my goals but they have somewhat fallen by the wayside. A few years back I was very ambitious with my yearly goals and had over 20, but as the saying goes you get wiser with age, and I showed my wisdom by lessened my goals. I also realized there was no reason to have so many goals if they weren’t getting accomplished. This year I decided that I’d go with 12 goals that I would accomplish in 12 months.

If you hadn’t seen my goals, here they are (in no particular order):

• Learn a magic trick
• If I said I’m going to do something for someone…then I’m going to do it
• Start and Finish @ least 12 books
• Create a workout regiment
• Write @ least 3 posts a month
• Re-build a relationship with my Dad
• Have a quarterly Guy’s Night
• Take my wife to either a museum or a zoo
• Learn how to play Texas Hold’em
• Start the house hunting process
• Get a promotion
• Pay off (& then don’t max out) @ least 2 credit cards

Now for awhile, I was keeping track of how I was doing with monthly updates…but that stopped because I stopped focusing on my 12in12 goals. I was thinking that I would pull a Peyton Manning and do some half-time adjustments to possibly change my goals. But I’m not going to falter from my original goals. I will learn how to play Texas Hold’em. I will have a quarterly Guy’s Night. I will finish my goals. So if you’re like me and your goals for 2010 have disappeared like Winter’s snow, let’s refocus at this midyear mark and finish the year feeling accomplished.

If you don’t believe goals are possible and achievable, then they aren’t…