As you may (or may not know but you would know if you followed me on Twitter) I am a huge BlackBerry user and abuser. I work with BlackBerry devices day in an day out, I’ve networked with other people simply because they’ve used a BlackBerry. Unfortunately this week I may end up offending my fellow BlackBerry users. I have a few posts for this week that if taken at face value are going to look like I’m bashing the BlackBerry, but I’m not. I am honestly just taking a step back and looking realistically about the phone I know and love. So I know I’m probably going to offend some people, but hopefully it’ll lead to great discussions in the comments.

I have to also confess that I’ve dropped the ball on my 12in12 goals. Well I’m still working on them but I haven’t done my monthly check-ins in a few months, so be prepared to see how many of my goals I’ve actually accomplished.

I look forward to finishing up writing these posts, and hopefully you enjoy reading them (make sure you leave comments or rate the posts)…