This weekend I spent a lot of time going through my Google Reader and actually was reading the posts within them. It’s sad because I follow so many different sites that update so frequently I don’t have time to read from all the sites I’d like to. So when I do have the time to sit & read my Google Reader feeds I find a lot of hidden gems. One of the folders in Google Reader I was trying to finish reading before Monday morning was my “Life Tips” folder which has sites like zen habits & lifehacker. If you’re not familiar with those sites, zen habits & lifehacker deal a lot with simplifying life and maximizing potential.

By now you’re wondering what does any of this mean to the rest of this post. Well after reading about decluttering and minimizing things, I realize that I have a lot of social network “clutter” that is disrupting me from my main task of writing on this site. I was trying to keep up with e-mails, Facebook, tumblr, foursquare, twitter, my blog, and it was becoming overwhelming. I want to maximize that content and sheer awesomeness of fortyoneacres, and until it reaches that point, I’m not going to be able to keep up with all of that other social networking “clutter”.

What that means is that I may possibly be posting more randomness here. I doubt it’ll be overly intrusive because I really want this blog to focus on the 12in12 and Technology, but I may branch out into some other factions of me. What this doesn’t mean is that I’ll stop using twitter or Facebook. I’ll try to contain those other musings so they’re not over-loading the rest of the content on the site though. Hopefully you’ll stick around with the site as I make efforts to make it more reflective of me, and as I make efforts to declutter my social networks.