I haven’t done a Clickable Planet in awhile, I really wanted to slow down the link trolling and focus on content creation.

{tech} Oh k, things like this history channel badge are things that can get me using foursquare – History Channel Launches Foursquare Campaign and a New Badge

{cool} – These cards look soo cool. I’m such a font nerd… – Helveticards:: Swiss Design. International Fun.

{How-To} – I’ve always had this problem…I don’t think I’ve even changed my voicemail since 2003. – Start Your Voicemail Messages Without a Gasp – Communication – Lifehacker

wow...that was a massive party. college = good times

{nerdy} – I don’t even know how to explain this but it seems like an amazing use of screen real estate on the iPad. – Glee Gets an Addictive iPhone and iPad App

{tv} – Conan O’brien returns to late night…on TBS? Hmmm – Conan O’brien Returns To Late Night

{trailers} – Dinner for Schmucks is using the same cast as most of the comedies that have come out since 40-Year Old Virgin…but if it’s not broke why try to “fix” it. Looks funny though…