This isn't EXACTLY the Foursquare I'm talking about

I tried using Foursquare. I really did. I set up a profile. Added friends and peeps from twitter. I downloaded apps on to my phone. I checked into a few places…and nothing happened.

There was no reply. No angels singing or bells ringing. Nothing except a notification saying that I successfully checked in and I got a few points. But foursquare isn’t working for me like it is for Twanna (from funkybrownchick) in this video that profiled her and Foursquare on CNN.

When I think of social networking, I think of the ability to communicate quickly and without effort. Facebook and twitter both allow me this functionality…however with foursquare all I see is a stream of locations that I can’t even respond to. I don’t think I can get down with a social networking tool that doesn’t let me be social or network. Knowing where my friends are…but not being able to really do anything with that information is pointless in my point of view. Hopefully either I will find some use for this “social network” or it’ll become more usefull, but until then I’m checking out.