...Yeah, I don't think so...

Now I’m not an Apple fanboy, nor was I in the camp to completely pass off the iPad. But some people are taking the release of the iPad too far.

Forget the Kindle.  The Kindle was dead as of 9 AM April 3rd, and had been on life support for the previous six months anyway as people put off buying a Kindle until the iPad came out.  The iPad, however, is not the Kindle-killer.  At least not anymore.

The iPad is the Google killer.

I don’t  agree with this point…at all. In his post, the author is chronicling the tale of his first weekend with the iPad and how in the span of hours he didn’t use his web browser and instead did his searching through apps. Although the author made have played for hours on his iPad without opening the browser, he did watch YouTube videos (which is owned by Google). I’m not going to say that using apps is not taking away from Google’s business, but I will say that I don’t believe people using apps is really bothering Google. Here’s why, apps no mater how great are still only providing a small (albiet powerful) faucet of the device. Devices, like the iPad, were made to harness the web. As more tablet devices, like the iPad, begin to saturate the market (much like it happened with mp3 players and the iPod) developers and web designers will make things easier by themselves by making complaint websites that are more fully featured for more devices that can be easily accessed online instead of through applications. Thus saving time and money and being able to be access through more devices and thus seen and used by more people.

iPad = awesome device. True

iPad = competition to the Kindle. True

iPad = Google Killer. False

It’s going to take more than an internet tablet to “kill” the dominate King of Search.

Source: Mele’s Musings