There are dozens of twitter clients for BlackBerry. But would one more hurt, not if you ask TweetDeck who is making a client for the BlackBerry. TweetDeck already has a product for the desktop and iPhone/iPod touch which are done extremely well and are now finally coming to the BlackBerry. TweetDeck, if you haven’t used it, puts your timeline, mentions, direct mentions, and other lists into columns. TweetDeck will also integrate Facebook into its own column as well.

I can only imagine that TweetDeck’s biggest competitor will be SocialScope (which is still in beta). TweetDeck’s columns are very similar to SocialScope’s tabbed interface. As well as both have intergration with Facebook (very important for BlackBerry users since the native Facebook client provided by RIM isn’t the best). Hopefully some screen shots will be leaked soon to give more views on what this app will look like.

Source: TweetDeck for BlackBerry