You see that video at the top of the post. Yeah that’s the new (so new it’s not even out yet) Sprint Evo. The Sprint Evo is a beast of a phone. If you’ve heard anything about the HTC HD2 (which just was released by T-mobile this last week, running Windows Mobile 6.5, sporting a 1GHz processor, 16gb memory card, 4.3 inch screen, and a 5 megapixel camera) then the Evo is the HD2 cousin. The Evo supports some of the same features but with a few key differences.  Instead of a 5 megapixel camera, it has a 8 megapixel on the back with a front facing 1.3 megapixel. Oh, and instead of running stodgy  Windows Mobile, the Evo runs Android 2.1 (the same as the Nexus One). A-MA-ZING!!!

Cyber Bill of Rights

hmm…so according to this i would be more of a geek than a nerd. => FINALLY: The Difference between Nerd, Dork, and Geek Explained by a Venn Diagram

Put this week in your calendar everyone, because this is the last iPad-less week that America will have to experience. The reviews will be flooding the internets next week, but before you get persuaded to purchase the iPad lets check out some of today’s links. One of the main reasons that i REALLY want the iPad is to read on it… => A Roundup of iPad Pricing

twitter is updating its homepage again?!? To bad I’ll never see it because I NEVER use the twitter site… => Tweaking the Twitter homepage

(*sorry for the short list today, I spent the weekend in DC enjoying the beautiful weather we had)