I definitley meant to put up a post yesterday, but as you can plainly see, that did not happen.  So today it looks like you will be treated by more than one post…good for you!

[tech] hmm well this is interesting. I’ve wondered about half of these company namings myself => How Popular Tech Companies Got Their Names

Now I love a full qwerty keyboard device...but the Pearls are what orginally got my attention on RIM and this device is no different...

[humor] Wait…is this what The Black Eyed Peas are saying?!? => The Most Retarded Black Eyed Peas Lyrics

I'm going to need to remember these when I get my house. They are speakers that get installed within the recessed lighting...awesome!

[tech] I know you’ve heard of Classmates.com. Oh you don’t think you have? Think about all those e-mails you got before you signed up Facebook about you having 3 friends from (insert high school here) who want to see your profile. Well that site was classmates.com . Well now they want to digitize yearbooks. => Classmates.com plan to digitize yearbooks

[weird] Bacon infused vodka…I think I know what my brother is getting for his birthday… => 8 Infused Vodkas That Are Weirdly Awesome

[tech] this is my favorite BlackBerry app HANDS DOWN!!! => SocialScope Beta, a year later – Review

Ben Folds’ Chatroulette Piano Ode to Merton