So a few nights ago the invetiable happened. My mom friended me on Facebook. It was going to happen eventually, I mean she had already warned me by letting me know that she even had a Facebook. Then she had asked me to tag her in a picture or two. So I can’t act as if I wasn’t aware that this was going to happen.

The only question now is: “do I accept her?”

To be honest I don’t know. I’m not sure if I always want my mom to see all of my status updates, wall posts, and pictures. I feel like there has to be the digital divide between parents and children. Much like the spartial divide that exists in the real world. When a child wants to “exscape” the world of their parents and wants to relax in a domain of their own making they can retreat to their room, toss in some headphones or turn up the music. Then with the creation of the Internet and social networking, the Internet became the hangout of teens wanting to escape. But now the parents are starting to get hip to the game and are requesting to knock on the preverbal door and enter into your cyber room. But what are the parents to do once they get in your room? Are they going to tell you that your room is a mess an you need to clean it up? Or are they going to just accept your space as just that YOUR space?

On the other hand, what am I trying to hide from my mom? We talk almost every day. I show her the majority of my pictures anyway. It is not like I am leading a separate life entirely on Facebook than I am in the real world. My Facebook page can’t be THAT bad, I mean I  am friends with my pastor.  I pretty much keep my updates to a weekly minimum on Facebook and I try not to be to outlandish with my commentary and wall posts.  So I think I will accept my madre into my digital realm of Facebook…if she tried to follow me on twitter it’d be a completely different story…