i love watches that make people look at my wrist and wonder how i tell the time.

Google + Sony = a flashlight app for my tv?!? => Google and Partners Seek Foothold in the Living Room

Why Apple and Google Need Each Other

This is a really great and humbly true list. Read it => 10 things you won’t learn in school

it’s woodgrain headphones…these are awesome. => ThinkSound Rain Chocolate

this article rings so close to my being. because i hate seeing twitter updates in my Facebook newsfeed, and foursquare check-ins on my twitter stream. i have separate social networks for a reason… => Don’t care who’s mayor? Try Twitstat

google has finally created an easier way to post to google buzz. unfortunately it’s only for android devices (which makes complete sense since it’s two google products) => Introducing Google Buzz widget for Android

Good job with these dos & don’ts, Fav => Twitter & BBM Etiquette

even though march madness is in full swing there's no need to miss a beat especially with this CBS march madness app for BlackBerry