...do you even remember yesterday?

Hopefully everyone had an awesome St.Patrick’s Day. Mine was pretty kosher so I won’t complain. I almost didn’t even get out a post today because of this beautiful weather. This weather makes me wish I had a laptop (or iPad) even more…

I have no reason to every use this app (BlackBerry all day) but this does seem pretty cool => Secret Contacts iPhone App

Who am I to disagree with science? => Facebook, YouTube at work make better employees

Official Tumblr app for BlackBerry

This is for all of my BlackBerry peeps who love using tumblr (or who even know what tumblr is). Tumblr has finally relesased an official app
Apple is clearly a marketting genius. They were truly the ones that brought the idea that “there is an app for that” to the mainstream, and now others are trying to catch the app bus. => Evidence That Apple Is On To Something: There Are 38 App Stores With More On The Way

wait…seriously?!? a windows phone without copy & paste? wasn’t windows mobile the pioneer of handheld computer? how is it not going to have copy & paste…(its really mimicking the iPhone) => Windows Phone 7 Series won’t have copy and paste

People take notes from this Samsung commerical…