Who Dat Lil Ninja?!?

Hopefully everyone is enjoying that is coming our way. If you didn’t realize St.Patrick’s day is tomorrow so make sure you wear some green and go out to support your local Irish pub. On to today’s Clickable Planet:

if i knew of any phone that i could use these with…they’d be completely awesome => ThinkGeek :: Mini Ninja Weapons Cell Phone Charms

i’ll watch shows that i know are going to be heavily talked about on twitter. it’s the same way i would watch shows that I know people were going to be talking about the next day at school. => Twitter and TV: How Social Media Is Helping Old Media

well this seems like an interesting development…i wonder if this functionality is going to find its way to other apps like Slacker Radio. => Rhapsody iPhone App Allows Downloading Songs, for Listening Offline

well this seems like something i could use on a regular basis. especially when i go on trips

i can agree with this. I’m much more likely to tune into the shows that people are talking about on twitter, sometimes for the sheer knowledge of being in the know => Does Twitter push up TV ratings?

…Can I take “Duh” for $500, Alex? I understand that Android is an open operating system, but to remove Google and only offer Bing is ridiculous    => Bing for Motorola’s Android Phones Is a Bad Idea

…and the iPad looks even more tempting => Apple Dishes New IPad Details on 3G, IBooks, More